Dedicated to the Bond of Golf The 32nd Annual Mini-Masters Championship  Reunion Resort

Philly Bill McGlocklin

Was Philadelphia  - Now Hilton Head

Net Score - 311

Issued Open Invitation for Visitors in His New Hilton Head House

Mark “Midge” Ridgeway


Net Score - 336

Did NOT Finish Last



Net Score - 314

Mini-Masters Founder

The C Player on Record Setting Scramble Team

Doug “Drowler” Orewiler


Net Score - 346

Inventor of the “Stab & Flick”

Perfect Execution of the First Known Double Strike on a Single Putt

Yankee Al Barbato


Net Score - 329

Wishes He Could Hit It Like Bruce

Dave Spider Lockard


Net Score - 299

Runner Up  on a Tough Weather Day

Pete Zollers


Net Score - 313

The A Player on Record Setting Scramble Team

Steve Mott

Austin & Skaneateles

Net Score - DNF

Best Tournament Director EVER

Runaway Winner of Best Mini-Masters Moment 2014

D Player on Record Setting Scramble Team

 Steve “Tag” Tagert


Net Score - 312

Longest Hitting “Old” Guy by Far

2014 Champ Mike “Ridge” Ridgeway


Net Score - 294

3rd MM Title

Won with a great come-from-behind victory in miserable weather conditions

Curtis “Tall Bones” Bonekemper


Net Score - 312

Only Barefoot Player in MM History

Bruce Almighty Bernsteil

2014 Rookie of the Year


Net Score - 301

Plays a mean baby draw!

Inventor of the extra wedge shipping system

Kevin “Huck” Finn


Net Score - 317

2013 Defending Champ

Keeper of the Fair and Equitable

Greg Shipp


Net Score - 307

1993 MM Champ Making His Return After 21 Years in Hiding

B Player on Record Setting Scramble Team

Bob “Yings” Yingling - Dad of Jeff


Net Score - 317

Won Best Dressed Award

Jeff “Jings” Yingling - Son of Bob


Net Score - 312

Made MM Return After Some 20 Years

Agreed to Name One of His Horses

“Mini-Masters Champ”

Record Setting Scramble Team Members

Pete, Shipp, Bones and Mott

15 Under Par

All Time MM Record

What ?*!@$!