Dedicated to the Bond of Golf The 32nd Annual Mini-Masters Championship  Reunion Resort

2012 Champ Chris “Stinky” Gardner

 Skaneateles, NY

Net Score - 268

Believed to be the Lowest Winning Score in MM History

This incredibly talented foursome comprised of Philly Bill, Stinky Gardner, Spider Lockard and Volcano Hogan  collectively had a total of 14 fucking birdies in 18 holes - another all time MM record.

After hours of drinking and trips to the medicine cabinet, a crew headed by Pete was dispatched to a local BBQ joint to buy everything they had cooked for the day.  Doesn’t Spider look right at home with tubular-shaped objects in his mouth?  Does anyone have his mother’s email address?

A certain and long-standing torch was passed at Reunion to Mark “Midge” Ridgeway for achieving the all time MM Blotto Champ Award. Prior to Midge’s performance at Reunion, your founder and Spider jointly carried this auspicious honor for many, many years by having achieved advanced states of blotto from earlier MM years.  Both men agreed that it was “high time” that a younger, stronger and more capable competitor carry this torch.

A Mini-Masters Trip for the Record Book